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"I've been doing magic the wrong way"

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to share with you what people are saying about Mythos!

“There is a lot of very good magic throughout this project—and I love his time travel piece. But what I am particularly smitten by in all of Danny’s work are his terrific analyses and refinements of foundational coin sleights. Well worth your time and attention.”

-Eric Mead

World renowned magician

“Danny Goldsmith made me discover a lot of things and not just about manipulation. I think this is an exceptional being with the soul of a 200 year old man!!! This is my new mentor so if you want to take a giant step in your habit of manipulation and more buy everything Danny does!! These are jewels!!

-Mag Dam

“I was afraid that the sleight [finger fling] would be too difficult for me. But finally I bought Mythos, then the door to a new world has been opened.”

-Ilsu Yun

“Wow, Wow. This is Magic. Simply wonderful. This is how Magic should be.”

-Josef Andenmatten

“Just got it. 15+ years in magic. [Danny] made me realize I’ve been doing magic the wrong way. [He] opened up my eyes to becoming a better entertainer instead of a fooler.”

-Waskan Argenys Herrera

“This is crazyyyyy INCREDIBLE WORK!!!!... it is GOLD! Like [his] surname says!!”

-Sonia Benito

“Worth every penny and more!!!”

-Joelson Ethridge

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Warm Wishes,
Danny Goldsmith

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why I stopped doing Magic

Do you know what day it is!?

NEW PROJECT!! watch the trailer!

This is GENIUS coin work!

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