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This is GENIUS coin work!

Hello magical creatures,

Do you know who Rogelio Diaz Mechilina Jr. is?

Well you should!!!
He has a lot of great work but I need to tell you about my favorite.
I just finished watching his "Project Retention Vol 2" and it is a true work of art. I am genuinely moved by this work and had to share it with you all.

Albert Einstein said "Genius is making complex ideas simple, not simple ideas complex."

Rogelio's work is a beautiful example of this quote. When I saw these moves performed I assumed they were super difficult, they were just so VISUAL!
Well... my mouth hung open as I watched the explanations. It was a perfect balance of simplicity and deception.
Let me just tell you about my 3 favorite vanishes on this project:

The Mechilina Retention
Ever wanted to do a great Ukawa style retention (like the retention from Eric Chein) but found it too hard?
Well, this man came up with a mind blowing simple method. Save yourself many hours and check this out.

Single Hold Retention
This one stunned me when I saw it in the trailer. The coin was standing on his palm held by just the tip of the first finger, the receiving hand closed around the coin and I choked on my morning coffee! There was absolutely no way he was about to open an empty hand and yet... it was gone. You have to see this to believe it.

Fingertip 2 Retention
This one is my favorite. It looks so impossible I seriously could not think of one single way that anyone could accomplish this. So I skipped ahead and watched this one first, I couldn't wait to see the explanation and when I did I laughed hysterically! This was the moment that I realized that Rogelio was a Genius. The method is so brilliant. Absurdly brilliant

Go watch this trailer and see for yourself what I'm talking about:

And wait until you see the price, he is practically giving this away. Any one of these vanishes is easily worth more than the asking price. So do yourself a favor and go watch this project and have a delightful weekend!

Warm Wishes,
Danny Goldsmith

Click HERE to watch the trailer

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